Slots origin

Slots origin

Slots are entertainment that date back a long time. The first was created by Charles Fey and dates back to 1895. Despite the fact that in the beginning they were very simple machines and with a basic operation, they achieved great success. Likewise, its popularity has been increasing until today it is positioned in one of the favorite casino games.

In this sense, little by little new mechanisms were incorporated into slot machines such as the symbols we know today. Like the forms of bets and the different variants and views of the game.


When we refer to slots, what is it, we are talking about a casino game that consists of several reels. In which you must match a number followed by symbols to get a win. This can be played physically or online thanks to the technologies that are advancing rapidly every day.

In this sense, you will be able to enjoy different versions of the slot machines that even include a 3D version. Thanks to this diversification of the game you have varied options that allow you to select them by theme. As well as by number of reels, title characteristics, payment methods and others.



Usually when we ask ourselves what slots is, we tend to get confused by not understanding that there are other terms similar to it. This is the case of slots or slots that refer to exactly the same thing.

However, their use will depend in most cases on the geographical location where they are used. Since sometimes it is usual to use one or another term. Likewise, we could comment that it is very common to hear the word slots referring to the most advanced technology games.

On the other hand, when they are expressed in relation to bar or 3-reel games, it is common to hear the other terms. So, as you can see, they all talk about the same thing and they will allow you to discover a world of infinite fun.


The world of slot machines is a very wide and varied one. In this sense, you can find a classification that allows you to know them more easily. In this way, you can select the one that best suits your requirements. Among the different variants you have the possibility of getting the following:

  • Classic slots: these refer to those with 3 or 5 reels, being the most common. The purpose of them is to complete an alignment of the symbols that allow you to obtain great prizes.
  • Video slots: basically its operation is very similar to the previous ones. The difference is that its symbology is animated, being very similar to that of video games. Likewise, the prizes tend to be more striking and substantial, as is the possibility of free spins. As well as the opportunity for plays that you can only enjoy in this category.
  • Progressive slots: in this modality the prize that you can obtain increases as the players place their bets. The exciting thing about this version is to achieve the large amount that is gathered from the networked machines.

For this reason, it is one of the slots that is most striking as it allows you to get great prizes and very attractive benefits.



Today, slots have become an excellent and eye-catching gaming option for users. This is due in part to their simple gameplay, as well as the substantial prizes they generally offer.

For this reason, it is extremely important that you handle terms referring to their probabilities and their composition. Among which you can find the following:

  • RTP: which refers to the Return to the player, that is, the percentage of the money that you have the possibility of recovering during the game. In this sense, the older it is, the better chances of winning you can have.
  • Volatility: this factor tells you how often you can generate profits within each of the games.
  • The rollers: they are the rotating part of the game in which the different symbols or figures are found. Which by matching in particular combinations allow you to win some prizes. They are usually between 3 and up to 10 rollers depending on the variant in which you are.
  • The payment line: in its beginnings it referred to the combination that you had to get to win a prize in the machine. But today there are countless of these which can range from 3 to 25 or more. The same generally so that you can activate them you must make additional bets.

As you can see, all these terms will allow you to better understand the wonderful world of slots.

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