Gambling, Money, And Mafia


    Gambling and organized crime are closely entwined. Since its inception, the Mafia has had its claws deep into the gambling industry, inflicting its own brand of justice on it and making sure it gains an illegal advantage over the competition. Today, you can legally test your luck by joining the National Casino

      Since the late 1950s, Las Vegas has become an established stronghold for mafia gambling operations. The mafia has been expanding its influence to other cities as well as the international gambling market. The involvement in the industry is usually linked to two elements: profiteering and power. 

    The mafia also used its participation in the gambling industry to gain financial independence and influence. The most famous example of this is the Las Vegas casinos. By controlling the cash flow and the gamblers’ networks, Mafia groups could increase their wealth and influence. This money—sometimes in the form of bribes—could be used to gain access to public officials, who would then help to facilitate the development of the gambling industry. 

     Organized crime in Las Vegas dates back to the 1940s when Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel opened the now-legendary Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Although Siegel was an infamous mob boss, he still needed investors to help finance his venture. Investors included such well-known names as Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, and Meyer Klein. The Flamingo Hotel quickly became a hot spot for illegal gambling. From 1940 to 1978, the mob dominated the Las Vegas Strip and controlled the game tables, the casino rigged payouts, and even the state-wide distribution of alcoholic beverages. 

     In the mid-1970s, the mob’s hold on Las Vegas was slowly slipping away. Several influential members of the mob were arrested or died unexpectedly. The federal government also introduced stronger anti-racketeering laws which forced many mobsters to leave the city. 

     Although the mafia’s presence in Las Vegas is now weaker than it was in the past, it still keeps its eye on the city. The mob continues to look for ways to make money off the flourishing casino industry. The most common form of profiteering is the use of game-rigging. Using this technique, the mob can manipulate the odds so that they win more often. The mob also uses employees and workers to help them cheat the casino.

       The mafia is still involved in other aspects of gambling as well. Illegal sports betting is another activity that has been linked to the mob. They have been known to set up betting rings to make money. The mob may also be involved in the online gambling world, using technology to set up untraceable accounts and run illegal games. 

      The mafia’s influence on the gambling industry is still felt today. While the presence of the mob is much less than it once was, it is still powerful enough to cause disruption and criminal activity. If you plan on gambling, it’s important to remember that playing safe is the best bet. Don’t forget that the mafia still has eyes and ears in the industry—and if you do, you may regret it.

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