Why Do Men Like To Go To The Casino So Much?


Entire cities such as Las Vegas or Macau, which is less well known in this country, are dedicated to gambling and Woo Casino. Gambling is also very popular in Germany. Although the proportion of female visitors is rising continuously, gambling still remains a terrain occupied by men, because they are magically attracted to the gaming tables and glowing machines, according to appearances. There are many reasons for this.

Men take more risks. A direct comparison with male gamblers showed that women place lower stakes and spend only half as long in the casino. According to Statista, the potential win is actually the most important factor for men. For over 70 percent, the possibility of winning is the decisive factor for a casino visit. Immediately thereafter with 53,5 per cent the fun at the thing follows.

Men look for monetary success in the Casino, while women see it rather as a leisure activity. While men are ready to risk high sums, women play smaller limits and let themselves be paid out also lower profits faster. Therefore, games with high limits are also predominantly occupied by men. Thus, the higher the entry limit, the fewer women are usually found there.

Women are also more likely to accept bonus offers. This minimizes the risk and the own loss remains manageable.  Casinos have long recognized this and use this fact to improve their promotional offers. Special offers for women and “Lady Nights” are common promotions of casinos.

This has a doubly positive effect on the casinos’ sales: On the one hand, they generate more profit due to the increasing number of visitors from women. On the other hand, men become more willing to take risks due to the presence of the opposite sex.

Of course, these statistics cannot be applied across the board to all men who like to visit a casino. The tendency for more risk readiness strikes out however clearly in the direction of the men. Purely from an economic point of view, the more women who participate in the game, the greater the profit for casinos.



Meanwhile, slot games have become especially popular. By the way, one of the most popular of all slot games is Fire Joker. Fire Joker is a classic retro slot with “3×3” reels and is played very often *.  In Germany alone, more than 11 billion euros are generated from gambling every year. The new State Treaty on Gambling will come into force on July 1, 2021 and will then finally regulate the online casino market in Germany and put it on a legal legal footing. From then on, gambling operators can officially vie for a German casino license. Stationary as well as online slot machine games, however, are also quite generally among the most popular gambling variants in the digital age, far ahead of blackjack or roulette.

The selection of online slots is therefore extremely large. Thousands of different slot games are now available online. Different game manufacturers and developers have made a name for themselves. It is impossible to imagine the gambling scene without them. They include Novomatic, Merkur, but also Löwen Play and Bally Wulff.

As before, men dominate the field when it comes to slot games. Over 75 percent of all gambling participants here are male. Due to the online age, however, this figure is shifting somewhat in the meantime. In contrast to land-based casinos, more women overall are drawn to the online world of gambling. Above all, anonymity is probably a decisive factor for this trend.

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